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  • How did 1990 NBA Stars Finish Their Careers? (Part 1)
    When we think of the NBA in the 1990s, the first name that comes to mind is clearly Michael Jordan, the GOAT of basketball. Afterwards you may think of MVPs such as Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, Karl Malone, John Stockton; Dream Team players. One day I was thinking about Patrick Ewing and how close he came to winning titles on the Knicks when the thought came to me: how did his career end? Well, I did some research, and it turns out that after leaving the Knicks in the year 2000, he played on the Seattle Supersonics for the 2000-2001 … Continue reading How did 1990 NBA Stars Finish Their Careers? (Part 1)
  • Whose Shot was Better: Jalen Suggs’ or Christian Laettner’s
    If you haven’t already heard or seen, Jalen Suggs of the Gonzaga Bulldogs men’s basketball team hit one of the most clutch and iconic shots in March Madness history. After the UCLA Bruins tied the score 90-90 with 3.3 seconds to go in overtime, Suggs took the ball up-court, launched it from just inside half-court, and the ball banked in as time expired. His team mobbed him, as this shot was in the Final Four of the men’s NCAA basketball tournament, and took them to the NCAA Championship game. This game also kept them undefeated for the season, with a … Continue reading Whose Shot was Better: Jalen Suggs’ or Christian Laettner’s
  • A Tribute to Elgin Baylor
    Elgin Baylor, the Hall-of-Fame Lakers Small Forward, died on March 22nd, 2021, at the age of 86. His death was first announced by his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers, on Twitter. His cause of death was natural, according to many sources, and he is survived by his wife Elaine, his son Alan, and his daughter Alison. Everyone in the NBA community is grieving his death, as he meant a lot to the game of basketball and to those around him. Elgin Baylor was the first pick in the 1958 NBA Draft by the Minneapolis Lakers. As a matter of … Continue reading A Tribute to Elgin Baylor
  • I Take Back What I Said Earlier…
    Just a couple of days ago, I talked about how LaMarcus Aldridge is joining the Brooklyn Nets, how they are the greatest team in the history of the NBA, and how they are guaranteed to win a championship. Well, after some new developments, I may just have to take back that statement. Seriously? I don’t see how the league can get any more unfair. Imagine you’re the Phoenix Suns, a team with two All-Stars who is playing their hearts out to try and get a higher playoff seed, and maybe, just maybe, make it out of the Western Conference. Then … Continue reading I Take Back What I Said Earlier…
  • The NBA as We Knew it is Gone Forever
    Superteams are nothing new to the NBA. As a matter of fact, they have existed since the beginning of the league itself, with the 1950s Minneapolis Lakers. From there, it was the 60s Lakers and Celtics, all the way up until most recently, the 2019 Warriors with Demarcus Cousins, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson. But never, ever, in the NBA, has a superteam been made that is this stacked. Your eyes do not deceive you. LaMarcus Aldridge, who was bought out by the San Antonio Spurs, signed for the rest of the season with the Brooklyn … Continue reading The NBA as We Knew it is Gone Forever