So…What’s Going on in Phoenix?

The Phoenix Suns decided to resign Deandre Ayton by matching a four-year $133 million contract the Indiana Pacers offered him in free agency. This was a shock at first, given the history of the franchise and how cheap Robert Sarver has been known to be. But, apparently the Suns were going to match any offer … Continue reading So…What’s Going on in Phoenix?


How Have the Phoenix Suns Stayed This Good?

The Phoenix Suns have won an absolutely ridiculous 18 games in a row at this point, which is a franchise record for the team. They have great players leading the charge, a great coach in Monty Williams, and a not-so-great front office run by Robert Sarver. However, despite the scandal revolving around the Suns' front … Continue reading How Have the Phoenix Suns Stayed This Good?