What the Miami Heat have that no one else has…

The title probably intrigued you, and you were left wondering: What do the Miami Heat have that no one else has? A young talented big man and the best young shooting core in the league? A 2020 Finals appearance? No, the Lakers have one of those too. What it really is may surprise you and come across as biased: the best colors and jerseys in the league.

People might think that I’m a Miami Heat fan, but I’m not. In fact, they’re actually one of my least favorite teams after knocking one of my favorite teams out of the playoffs last year and years before. But I have to give credit where credit is due. For the 2020-2021 NBA season, the Miami Heat have decided on light blue and pink for their jersey colors.

The Miami Heat have gone through a couple of color changes in their years in the NBA, but they mostly revolved around the color red. However, in the later years of the 2010s, Miami began to slowly shift their color scheme from all red to sometimes pink jerseys. We saw these on Dwayne Wade’s buzzer beating shot against the Warriors in his farewell season. Granted, these jerseys were mostly black, but more and more pink kept coming. Soon after pink, light blue came in as well. They wore multiple different main colors, but they were faithful to red, as it was the color they wore in the 2020 NBA Finals. Starting the 2020-2021 season, the Miami Heat introduced the world to their Vice Versa uniforms.

“In 2017, VICE began as a journey—a trip back through time to a reality where 1988 never ended,” said Jennifer Alvarez, Vice President of Creative and Digital Marketing. “In 2018, we returned to the present for a series of sequel campaigns inspired by Miami’s many sides, beginning with the dark and serious ‘VICE Nights,’ then the more relaxed and mellow ‘Sunset VICE,’ and finally, the bright and energetic ‘ViceWave.’ Each campaign has pushed us further and further outside the creative confines of the Heat brand and each has been hugely successful and a ton of fun to work on. ViceVersa is a graphic microcosm that envisions the Miami Heat brand of the future.”

This blog was something of a joke, but the Miami Heat do really have cool uniforms. For more blogs ranging on all sorts of NBA topics, make sure to follow the blog, like, and as always, have an awesome day!

Credit to the NBA for pictures


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