The Lakers-Nets Saga Just Got Even More Interesting …

Woj was very busy on September 2nd, 2021, letting the world know some new interesting trades and insights inside the NBA. The first piece of news came in the form of a trade between the Memphis Grizzlies and Boston Celtics.

Juan Hernangómez is a 6’9″ power forward, but unfortunately, some of his best years have been riddled by injuries. He still brings solid floor spacing and defense to whatever team has him, something the Celtics desperately need. On the other hand, Kris Dunn is a 6’3″ point guard who has played for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Chicago Bulls, and Atlanta Hawks. When he was on the Bulls he had some good years, averaging 13, 4, and 6 in 2018. While Carsen Edwards hasn’t done much in his two years as an NBA player so far, he still has a lot of potential and could develop nicely as a backup for Ja Morant. All in all, this trade won’t shake the NBA landscape, but it will help both teams with problems they currently have. Now, onto the biggest Woj bomb that’s hit recently:

While this trade may seem odd on the surface, it isn’t that weird when you dive deeper in. Brooklyn gets financial relief which they desperately need since they are so far over the salary cap. They also get two young players with potential in Jahlil Okafor and Sekou Doumbouya. The Pistons, on the other hand, get four second round picks, which includes the Nets’ 2022 and 2027 second round picks as well as a 2024 second round pick from the Washington Wizards and a 2025 second round pick from the Golden State Warriors. The Pistons also get $5.78 million, which isn’t a small amount. The question is, why aren’t the Pistons keeping DeAndre Jordan? Why are they working on a buyout?


After everything the Lakers have done to try and form a super team, they will now be adding Deandre Jordan to their roster? This is ridiculous! It seems as though every NBA player that has a buyout with his team ends up on the Los Angeles Lakers or Brooklyn Nets. Only four notable players on the Lakers remain from the 2020-21 season, which are LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Talen Horton-Tucker, and Marc Gasol. This offseason, they added Russell Westbrook to their roster, in addition to resigning Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard, Trevor Ariza, and signing Kendrick Nunn, Wayne Ellington, Malik Monk, and Carmelo Anthony in free agency. This makes the Lakers a super team, and adding Jordan only enhances that.

Credit to Marca for Picture

After the Brooklyn Nets lost Jeff Green this offseason and decided to waive Alice Johnson, the Lakers have a better team than the Nets do. At least… they do on paper. While James has ordered LA to construct the best possible roster for him to chase a title and Michael Jordan‘s shadow, it still won’t be enough, as an old friend of the Nets is coming back.

Well, well, well. Isn’t this interesting? Jordan may be going to the Lakers and solidifying their super team, but LaMarcus Aldridge will be rejoining the Nets. And despite all the Lakers have done this offseason, I still think the Nets are the better team. Why, you may ask?

  1. The Nets still have a near-prime Kevin Durant, a prime Kyrie Irving, and James Harden who is still at the top of his game when not injured.
  2. The Nets were able to add Patty Mills to their roster, who is a great point guard.
  3. The Nets drafted Cameron Thomas, who would go on to be summer league MVP, and Day’Ron Sharp from UNC.
  4. The Nets still have Joe Harris (one of the best shooters in the NBA), Bruce Brown (an incredible defender), and Nicolas Claxton (one of the best young rim protectors in the game).
  5. The Big Three have still not played that many games together when they are all healthy, and when they are, they are incredibly dominant. If we give them a whole healthy regular season to learn to play with one another, the Nets could easily win 65+ games.

Now let’s look at the Lakers point of view:

  1. Signed Nunn, who has lots of potential but didn’t get to do a ton in Miami. Realistically won’t be getting many minutes behind Westbrook.
  2. Signed Malik Monk, who has previously violated the NBA’s anti-drug policy.
  3. Signed Anthony, an aging former star who will demand the ball and is only in it for a ring at this point.
  4. The Lakers have the oldest roster in the NBA. While this is great for experience and guys who know how to play the game, at some point their bodies will betray them, like James’ did last year. When this happens, it’s going to be up to the young guys (Nunn, Monk, Horton-Tucker) to lead the team. Are they ready for that?
  5. Anthony is known for his mid-range jump shooting. Westbrook is known for his drive to the rim plays and mid-range jumpers. Davis shoots 30% from three when in LA, and James isn’t a good three-point shooter either. How in the world will this team space itself out?
  6. Westbrook is an alpha dog, always has been and always will be. There is nothing that anyone can do to change that, and he’s played with more All-Stars then I can count on one hand. He also (infamously) chokes in the playoffs, something James can’t afford to have happen.
  7. None of their big men except Marc Gasol can shoot and stretch the floor, and Gasol is 36.

As you can see, the Nets may still have the advantage in the Lakers-Nets rivalry. Because of injuries, the NBA Finals matchup we all hoped for and anticipated in 2021 did not happen. However, with the renewed rosters, I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one of these two teams in the Finals this year.

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One thought on “The Lakers-Nets Saga Just Got Even More Interesting …

  1. I agree, when healthy the NETS will once again be the team I would pick to win it all. They have several players that can carry the entire team when called upon. KD comes to mind when I make that statement. The Nets should have an extra pair of shoes (one size smaller) when KD is called on to make that foul shot to win the game. Just my opinion. Seriously, another great Blog, please continue covering all NBA news.

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