The Daily Three-Pointer: Steven Adams New Nickname, Disarray in Brooklyn

January 18th, 2021


The “Grizzly Bear”

Credit to NBA Getty Images for Picture

When Ja Morant and Tony Bradley got into a little scuffle in yesterday’s matchup between the Bulls and the Grizzlies, Steven Adams knew he had to do something to downplay the conflict. So, he picked up Bradley, who is 6’10” and around 250 pounds, and carried him to the center of the court, away from Morant. Adams just took the level of enforcer to a new level; I think he has a job as a bodyguard waiting for him when his playing days are over. Instead of the Big Kiwi, maybe his new nickname should be “The Grizzly Bear.” It seems fitting, doesn’t it?


Question of the Day: Are the Nets Done For?

Credit to Sarah Stier of Getty Images for Picture

We know that Kevin Durant is out for 4-6 weeks with an MCL Sprain, and Kyrie Irving made headlines recently by saying that despite Durant being out, he still will not receive the vaccine, meaning he can’t play during home games. James Harden, the third star on this team, has had reports surface around him that say he could be out of Brooklyn by this summer. My guess? The 76ers will swing a deal for him, the Nets will have to take on Ben Simmons, the 76ers win the 2022 NBA championship, and the Nets become a horrible team, as they’ve lost nearly all their draft picks for the next few years. We should’ve known that Nets super teams never go as planned. I plan to do a blog on those failures a few days from now, so stay tuned.


Play(s) of the Day:

Credit to Fox Sports for Picture

During the game between the Philadelphia 76ers and Washington Wizards, Kyle Kuzma received the ball at the three-point line, dribbled inside the paint, rose up, and Bam! Dunked all over Joel Embiid. It was a vicious, full contact play, and everyone in Capital One Arena exploded after the dunk occurred. You can watch footage of the dunk here.

In addition, Russell Westbrook tried to one-up Kuzma by throwing down this vicious dunk on Rudy Gobert, the three-time Defensive Player of the year. You can watch the footage of the dunk here. Clearly it was a bad night for big men.



One thought on “The Daily Three-Pointer: Steven Adams New Nickname, Disarray in Brooklyn

  1. Steven Adams is one strong dude, and finally a potential home for Ben Simmons. Rumors about Simmons have been circulating for months and I believe if this happens, the NETS will find a way to win the 2022 NBA championship.


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