The Daily Three-Pointer: Steph Nails the Game-Winner, Lakers Attempting to Trade Russell Westbrook

January 22nd, 2021


Trade of the Day:

Credit to David Dow for Picture

Reports have surfaced that the Los Angeles Lakers are willing to trade Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets for John Wall. However, the one thing keeping this deal from happening is that the Rockets want a 2027 first-round pick from the Lakers in addition to Westbrook, to make it worth their while. With all the Lakers current stars likely to be at the end of their careers or out of the league altogether by that point, this pick would be very valuable.


Stat of the Day:

Credit to Logan Riely of Getty Images for Picture

Dejounte Murray became the second player in Spurs’ history to record a triple-double in consecutive games. The only other player to do so is David Robinson, putting Murray in some elite company.


Play of the Day:

Credit to Santiago Mejia of the San Francisco Chronicle for Picture

After possibly the worst stretch of games in Stephen Curry‘s prime, he hit the first ever game-winning buzzer beater of his career, against the Houston Rockets. With five seconds left on the clock and the game tied at 103, Otto Porter Jr inbounded the ball to Curry. Guarded by Kevin Porter Jr, Curry drove into the lane, stepped back, and Bang! nailed the game winner. You can watch the amazing play unfold here.



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