The Daily Three-Pointer: Hornets Make History, Devin Booker Proves to be Deciding Factor in Suns Win

January 27th, 2022


Game of the Night:

Credit to Andy Lyons of Getty Images for Picture

In a victory on the road against the Indiana Pacers, the Charlotte Hornets scored 158 points! 158! That’s a game for the ages, as there have only been a few teams to score more than 158 points. The current NBA record for most points a team scored in a game is 186 points, held from a Detroit Pistons triple-overtime game in 1984.

During this game, LaMelo Ball had 29 points, 10 rebounds, and 13 assists, Miles Bridges had 22, Terry Rozier had 20, and Kelly Oubre Jr had 39 points; off the bench in 35 minutes of playing time. This was the most points the Hornets scored as a team during franchise history, and the most points the Pacers allowed since they left the ABA and came to the NBA. The Hornets now have a 27-22 record.


Stat of the Day:

Credit to Russell Isabella of USA Today Sports for Picture

In a fierce battle between the Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz, Devin Booker went off for 21 points in the first quarter, his second highest point total in an opening quarter for his career. Not only did Booker outscore the entire Jazz roster (they had 18 points in the first quarter), he outscored the rest of the Suns, who combined for 18 points in the first quarter without him. Booker is a difference maker, to say the least.


Trade News of the Day:

Credit to Dustin Satloff for Picture

The Brooklyn Nets have decided that they will not listen to James Harden trade offers at the trade deadline this year. They are in full on championship or bust mode, but if they do collapse during the playoffs, Harden is open to relocation in the offseason. Philadelphia, anyone?



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