Report: John Wall traded for Russell Westbrook

The Wall-Star and a 2023 first round pick have been traded from Washington to Houston for Russell Westbrook. Russell Westbrook is a 9-time all-star and was the 2017 NBA MVP, while John Wall is a 5-time all-star.

Recent reports had come out that Russell Westbrook had wanted out of Houston, and there had been rumors that John Wall wanted a trade. Wall however did not confirm these rumors.

Wall is 30 years old, and Westbrook is 32 years old. They both have max contracts over $40 million, and to any other team, this trade might have proven impossible with the salary cap. This trade tests how adaptable Russell Westbrook is, as he’s had teammate issues in the past and is now playing with Bradley Beal.

Keep an eye on both teams in the following year, because they’ll be fun to watch and will undoubtedly provide some great highlights. Don’t forget to like, and as always, have an awesome day!

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