NEW CHANGE Coming to the NBA Blog

For a long time, I’ve been writing about various NBA teams, players, and stories throughout the NBA’s 75 year history. It’s fun, but often I won’t post content consistently enough, or I’ll write articles only to recycle them at the last minute, not liking the way they turned out. So, I’m adding a new feature to the NBA Blog, called the Daily Three-Pointer.

The Three-Pointer is a brief blog post that will be sent out to everyone following the NBA Blog with daily basketball news. Each post will have three news points, which will be broken up into categories such as Stat of the Day, Question of the Day, Quote of the day, etc. This way, NBA news can be delivered to your inbox, and as soon as you check your email, you can be caught up on the events that transpired the day or night before.

If you are currently following the NBA Blog on WordPress or via email, then the Three-Pointer should be popping up in your inbox as soon as tomorrow. I am not ceasing production on other types of NBA writing, but the Three-Pointer will appear the most often; every day, unless something goes wrong.

If you aren’t following the NBA Blog, then I would highly recommend doing so in order to get new content delivered straight to your inbox, and as always, have an awesome day!


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