The Daily Three-Pointer: Dame Out with Surgery; Steph Curry Said What?

January 13th:


News of the Day:

Credit to Cameron Browne of Getty Images for Picture

Damian Lillard, the star point guard of the Portland Trail Blazers, is planning on having surgery. The surgery it to address an abdominal injury, a previous hindrance that he reaggravated during the summer while playing for Team USA. Lillard hasn’t been playing like himself this year (he hasn’t played a game in 2022), and the Blazers are still without CJ McCollum, who’s out with a collapsed lung. The team is 4-7 without Dame, and it appears that’s only going to get worse. Yikes.


Quote of the Day:

Credit to Mary Altaffer of the Associated Press for Picture

While going undercover online for GQ Sports in a series with many professional athletes called “Actually Me,” Stephen Curry came across an interesting question on Instagram. The question was, “I gotta ask fully healthy, do you believe the Warriors with KD could have beat the ’96 Bulls in a Seven Game Finals?

Curry’s response:

“Absolutely. Obviously we will never know, but put us on paper with them, I like our chances. I’d say Dubs in 6 too.”


Stat(s) of the Day:

Credit to Nathaniel S. Butler of Getty Images for Picture

The Brooklyn Big Three of Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Kevin Durant got another chance to play together, and it was chaotic. The Nets outscored the Bulls by 20 points in the second half, and won with a final score of 138-112. If Irving gets the vaccine and becomes eligible to play at home, it will be scary for the rest of the league.

In other news, Darius Garland became the first Cavalier to record a triple-double in just three quarters; other than LeBron James. Kyle Kuzma, on the other hand, had 19 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists in a win against the Magic. He might have had that 10th assist if rookie Corey Kispert shot the three and made it; but instead he quickly passed the ball Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.




One thought on “The Daily Three-Pointer: Dame Out with Surgery; Steph Curry Said What?

  1. Good insider information and love the stats. I hope Kyrie Irving gets the jab, the NETS need him in there and the fans want him in there. I say go NETS.


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