I Was Right…

On June 25th, 2020, I released a blog stating that Jim Boylen was the worst coach in the NBA (currently). It was an accusatory claim, but I gave my reasoning, and the whole point of blogs is for opinions. If you haven’t read the actual blog, here’s the link: https://nbainfo.data.blog/2020/06/25/why-jim-boylen-is-the-worst-coach-in-the-nba-currently/

Of course, the title may not be completely accurate for the old blog post, because less than two months after I made it, Jim Boylen was fired as head coach of the Chicago Bulls. I was right.

Now, did the Chicago Bulls read my article, get convinced, talk with each other and then fire Jim Boylen? More than likely, no. Of course, if someone did tell the Chicago Bulls, comment down below, because I really need to thank you. But otherwise, I just made a really good prediction.

If you want to see more predictions, then please make sure to follow me down below. Every Saturday, I will now be releasing a weekly NBA Nerd report, which will highlight events in the NBA and WNBA, the draft, other news, and best posts of the week. All that and more… so don’t forget to drop a like, and as always, have an awesome day!


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